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60-Second Histories DVD set

By Squaducation - 2015

60-Second Histories is a fun, pupil safe, online film resource that delivers EPIC history for kids in a simple and engaging format, ideal for…

The Saviour of Ceylon - The story of Leonard Birchall

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 2006

All wars produce heroes but rarely in a global conflict do the actions of one man affect the direction and possibly even the result of the whole war…

A Roman Centurion

By Squaducation - 2015

This brief video describes a centurion, the Roman officer in charge of eighty legionaries.  It covers his clothing, armour and equipment all with…

A Roman Legionary's Clothing

By Squaducation - 2015

This short video explores the basic clothing worn by a legionary using latin names such as bracae for the trousers and caligae for the sandals

A Roman Legionary's Equipment

By Squaducation - 2015

This short video describes the personal belongings, equipment, food and water the legionaries had to carry when they conquered new lands

A Roman Legionary's Helmet

By Squaducation - 2015

A legionary describes a galea, an Imperial Gallic helmet, showing where its strength lies and how it protected the Roman soldiers.

A Roman Slave Woman

By Squaducation - 2015

This video shows what life can be like for a slave woman, it shows a Celt who had been captured in England and taken to Rome to serve as a slave

A Victorian Day at the Seaside

By Squaducation - 2015

A description of a middle-class family holiday at the seaside booked through Cooks Travel Excursionist.

Ambroise Pare: an Alternative to Boiling Oil

By Squaducation - 2015

Ambroise Pare explains how he found an alternative way to treat wounds.

Ambrose Pare: an Introduction

By Squaducation - 2015

An introduction to Ambroise Pare, his early career and his experience of treating wounds with boiling oil.

An Ancient Greek Marketplace

By Squaducation - 2015

An Ancient Greek farmer explains all the things to see and do on a busy trip to market. 

Ancient Greece

By Squaducation - 2015

This short video explores how Ancient Greece developed

Ancient Greek Gods

By Squaducation - 2015

A priestess describes the Olympians; the Ancient Greek gods like Zeus, Apollo, Artemis and Poseidon.

Ancient Maya food

By Squaducation - 2015

A Maya woman describes the crops they grow and the food they eat.

Andreas Vesalius and the Fabric of the Human Body

By Squaducation - 2015

Vesalius describes how he came to publish the Fabric of the Human Body