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Catalogues and Flyers

All catalogues and flyers downloadable in PDF format.

USA 2020/2021 Digital Content Catalogue
Download PDF [1.6 MB]
2020/2021 Digital K-12 Educational Content Catalogue
Download PDF [1.6 MB]
New 2020 Titles for the Post Secondary Audience. Subjects include Psychology, Sociology, Criminology, Health Sciences
Download PDF [436.9 KB]
Access Learning
Download PDF [1.2 MB]
S.T.E.A.M. Kit - Foldscope Paper Microscope
Download PDF [2.8 MB]
Konnected TV Series (Gr.3+) Follow Pakesso Mukash on his quest into Indigenous cultures across the Americas
Download PDF [753.3 KB]
Science Kids
Download PDF [6.7 MB]
Indigenous Studies
Download PDF [184.1 KB]
Jobs People Do - Career research site
Download PDF [3.2 MB]
Horrible Science Series
Download PDF [2.2 MB]
Redefined Classroom Catalogue - Preparing Educational Spaces to Support a Safe Return to Learning
Download PDF [8.6 MB]
Teens101 - Teen Mental Health 13 part series
Download PDF [553.4 KB]
Shedding Light Series - Motion, Atoms and Energy
Download PDF [3.4 MB]
Mental Health for Students: Social Emotional Learning Skills
Download PDF [593.2 KB]
Living Histories Series
Download PDF [1 MB]
Drug & Alcohol Education for Students Effects of Vaping, Cannabis and Alcohol
Download PDF [596.3 KB]
Bailey's Big Back Yard
Download PDF [448.9 KB]
Cyber Safety for Students Dealing with Sexting, Online Bullying and Digital Privacy
Download PDF [595.8 KB]
Human Nature Series
Download PDF [826.5 KB]
Bear Safety
Download PDF [63.8 KB]
9-12 Educational Media Content Catalogue - 2019
Download PDF [2.5 MB]
K-8 Educational Media Content Catalogue 2019
Download PDF [3.1 MB]
canamedia - MIPTV Spring 2019
Download PDF [2.3 MB]
C'est Pas Sorcier Series
Download PDF [276.8 KB]