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Foldscope 20 Kit with Deluxe Teacher Kit

By Foldscope - 2018

Foldscope Basic Classroom Kit with 20 individual Foldscopes and 1 DeluxeTeacher Kit - with 5 slides For those looking to get the most for their…

Behaving on the Street and Minding Traffic Signs

By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

Crossing the street / Walking: giving way, Holding the door, Street courtesy Behavior around strangers / Behavior in the car with parents. In…

Behaviors at School

By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

Before school routine: waking up / Hygiene / Punctuality Teacher-child relationship / Classroom behavior Behavior at recess / After-school…

Generosity and Friendship

By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

Connecting and empathy / Sharing with others/ Treating one another with respect Friendship / Loyalty and trust In this episode of Kids…


By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

Appreciate and value what we have Being grateful / Accept and be happy with ourselves The positive side of things / Practice gratefulness as an…

How to Behave at the Table

By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

How to use the cutlery Language, etiquette, and protocol in different cultures when it comes to eating. In this first episode of Kids' Planet…

Love, Protect, and Care for Our Planet Earth

By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

How to love, protect and care our home How to love, protect and take care of our pets Caring for the places where we live How to love, protect…


By Sabbatical Entertainment - 2016

Kindness and courtesy greeting on arrival, goodbye on leaving Please, Thank you, Excuse me Self-control: tantrums How to behave at the…

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Anthropology: The Four Fields

Anthropology: The Four Fields introduces the central concepts, concerns, and research methods of cultural anthropology. It takes a cross-cultural…

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Cultural Anthropology: Our Diverse World

Cultural Anthropology: Our Diverse World is now available to replace Faces of Culture - Revised. This new course takes a cross-cultural approach to…

Foldscope Microscope Kits

Foldscope is the ultra-affordable, paper microscope. Designed to be extremely portable, durable, and to give optical quality similar to conventional…

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Safety in Bear Country

Up-to-date series on working and living with bears in bear country.

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Trouble In Mind

Did you know that over 80% of all mental disorders are untreated or undiagnosed? Hosted by former "Charlie's Angel", Kate Jackson, this unique series…

Addiction in First Nations: Lindsay's Story

By Teens 101 Inc. - 2017

Lindsay (Eekwol) grew up in the First Nations community. She experienced an unforgiving world of drugs, alcohol, and violence within her family. As a…

Cyberbullying: Cristina's Story

By Teens 101 Inc. - 2017

At the age of 13, a boy approached Cristina, asking her to be his girlfriend. She declined the boy's offer and he became angry, threatening that she…