About Us

Magic Lantern Media wants to help ignite the potential in everyone by offering engaging resources to educational institutions and life-long learners.  We are a Canadian-based company that has been serving the educational markets for over 30 years and are leading the way in integrated educational experiences that will help empower and engage students of all ages including K-12, Post-Secondary and life-long learners.  

We offer award-winning visual content from over 100 globally renowned producers, available in many formats including; DVD, Digital, Custom Video Streaming Sites and even Video on Demand.  We are also pleased to offer experiential products that include block-programmable robots, augmented reality books, paper microscopes and 3D printed drones!  Our educational web-based platforms include STEM projects, Career Counseling, Streaming Libraries and Collections, and Mental Health support sites.  

Our professional resources provide strategies, suggestions, lesson ideas, and helpful planning tools to create a 21st century environment in the classroom.