Canary Islands | Canada | Canton of Grisons

This item is included in the following series/curriculum: The World is Yours  

  • Grade Level: Upper Elementary (4-6)-Junior High (7-9)
  • Subjects: Multiculturalism, Geography, Global
  • Produced By: Sabbatical Entertainment
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 22m
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Todays' tour takes us to the Canary Islands.   We will start with a trip to The Teide National Park which is known for its stunning landscapes.   The centerpiece  of the park is The Teide, a volcano that rises 12,000 feet above sea level making it the highest peak in Spain.    Our next stop is Santa Cruz de Tenerife which is the capital of Tenerife and is also the largest of the Canary Islands.    We will stop at the municipal market where you can indulge all your senses with the varieties of fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood that the market offer.    We will end this tour with a visit to Tenerife Espacio de las Artes where  you can view collections of some of the most famous painting and sculptures in all of Europe.    

Now we move on to Canada with its diverse culture, mixture of Native American traditions and colonial influence makes it a very welcoming country to visit.    Our first Canadian stop is the Yukon Territory, a scarcely populated and beautiful wilderness that has a very compelling history as its the setting for the 1898 Klondike gold rush.    We will then head to Toronto and enjoy some of its outdoor magic such as Lake Ontario which is the smallest of the 5 Great Lakes.   It is also home to a region called Thousand Islands which is a group of over 1000 islands.  

Our last Canadian stop is the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick which was declared a natural wonder in 2014.  The Bay is home to some of the worlds most rare whales, precious minerals and dinosaur fossils.  This coastal paradise is decorated with breath taking cliffs, caves and rock formations.    

We will now head over to the Canton of Grisons in Switzerland which is a group of little villages full of enchantment.    Our next stop is St. Moritz which was the home to 2 winter olympics.    St. Moritz has over 220 miles of ski runs stretching across dramatic snow covered peaks.    To finish this tour, lets hop on the Bernina Express and the Glacier Express where we can take a train ride and enjoy the small towns and villages and also take a visual trip tru the heart of the Swiss Alps.  

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