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Table saw

  • Grade Level: Junior High (7-9)-Senior High (10-12)
  • Subjects: Health and Safety, Safety
  • Produced By: Classroom Video
  • Year: 2000
  • Country: Australia
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 20m
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The use of power tools in school settings requires clear and concise instruction in their operation as well as constant vigilance by instructors. This comprehensive video illustrates the proper and safe use of the table saw in a clear and entertaining style. Many aspects of safety are dealt with: the use of goggles and face shields, removal of jewelry, the cleanliness of the environment, the use of guards and clearance blocks, and much more. Procedures are seen in detail, such as the changing of saw blades, the setting up of the fence, riving knife and anti-kickback fingers, and the use of assistants when cutting large pieces. Proper use of accessories is included, such as the miter gauge, miter table and dado blades, and the selection of appropriate wood stock is represented.

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