Magic Lantern Media

How Tech Works

This series consists of the 39 products  
  • Grade Level: Junior High (7-9)-Adult
  • Subjects: Technology
  • Produced By: Exploration Production Inc.
  • Years: 2012-2014
  • Country: Canada
  • Language: English

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How Tech Works is a host-driven magazine show that takes viewers around the world to meet the inventors and innovators behind the planet's most cutting edge science and technology.

We're high in the sky with the world's newest and largest military plane, the A400M. We're in the depths of the Pacific Ocean with robots, as they explore previously unreachable parts of the ocean. Wherever we go, dynamic host Dr. Basil Singer introduces us to an array of fast-paced and visually stunning stories in every episode.

Our stories feature an eclectic mix of science: profiles in future tech; behind the scenes with the military; the fastest, newest and strangest vehicles in the world; and a focus on gadgets like you've never seen.

This series consists of the following products