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Bailey's Big Backyard Series

This series consists of the 7 products  
  • Grade Level: Preschool-Primary (1-3)
  • Subjects: Environment
  • Produced By: Cerebellum Corporation
  • Years: 2010-2011
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

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Titles in this Series Include:

Rainforest Adventure
Bailey is an adventurous and inquisitive kid whose curiosity leads him to explore the world with the help of his two friends, Boggs, a mischievous Frog, and Maggie the magical magnifying glass. This program opens with Bailey exploring his "animated" backyard. As he plays, he discovers, and that naturally leads to questions. Bailey's questions are posed to Maggie who invites them to take a closer look into her glass. There the answers await. Maggie then transports Bailey and Bog to a real world rainforest to help them find answers to their questions.

Air And Wind
In this program, Bailey learns about the wind as he experiences it. With help from his magical magnifying glass, Bailey and viewers learn about the complexity of wind and air and they come to understand that air is moving all around us.

It's Hot Outside
Bailey is planning a fun summer day's activity with Boggs. Bailey realizes that knowing what the weather will be is important and comes to understand that the middle of the day is the hottest time. They learn about keeping themselves and their food cool. Maggie explains how the sun rays can be harmful and that people need to plan for protection as well as for fun.

It's Freezing
Children will learn all about winter and cold weather as they follow animated host Bailey in a backyard learning adventure. In this episode, Bailey plans for some wintertime activities. After looking at the characteristics of cold weather, he discovers how he can stay warm and retain heat by insulation. The program features animated graphics designed to help viewers learn about different temperatures.

It's Raining
In this program Bailey learn follows a rainstorm from the begining to the end. Through his magical magnifying glass, he comes to understand what happens to cause a rainstorm and why? Bailey learns how people are affected by rain as he explores the properties of water.

Powerful Weather
Children will learn the ways in which weather affects people around the globe in this educational science program, featuring a mix of live action and animation. In this episode, Bailey, his friend Boggs the frog and Maggie the magical magnifying glass come to understand how weather affects the clothes we wear and the home we live in, as well as the animals and land around us.

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