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Physics of Music

By Classroom Video - 1992

Topics include wave nature of sound, sound on a CRO; music versus noise; pitch, frequency, amplitude, wavelength; musical scale, octaves; hearing and…

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Return to My Shtetl Delatyn

By Willy Lindwer - 1992

Filmmaker Willy Lindwer traveled with his father Berl Nuchim and his daughter Michal to Galicia (now Poland & Ukraine) to retrace the route his…

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The Wannsee Conference

By Willy Lindwer - 1992

Eleven million European Jews were sentenced to death on January 20, 1942, at a lavish villa in Berlin. Fifteen high-ranking Nazi officers were…

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Drinking and Drugs: Driving Under the Influence

By Discovery Education - 1991

Dramatized incidents---based on true stories from the files of the National Highway Traffic Safety administration---illustrate the real-life tragic…

Grain and Flour

By VEA Group Pty Ltd - 1991

This fascinating program follows grain from harvest to the retailers' shelves.

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Married with a Star

By Willy Lindwer - 1991

Eleven minutes of rare film footage of a Jewish wedding that took place in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam in 1942 was recently discovered and entrusted to…

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Relating to Peers

By Classroom Video - 1991

An appealing dramatisation of some common problems springing from low self esteem such as worthlessness, jealousy, shyness, bullying and peer…

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Alexander, Who Used to be Rich Last Sunday

By Discovery Education - 1990

When Alexander's grandparents give him five dollars, he is rich! With his new fortune, Alexander embarks on a whimsical spending spree that…

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David Macaulay: Pyramid

By PBS Distribution - 1990

How did ancient Egyptians build the Great Pyramid at Giza, joining two million blocks of heavy stone with amazing precision? Who were the leaders who…

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Westerbork: Camp of Hope and Despair

By Willy Lindwer - 1990

In "Camp of Hope and Despair," Willy Lindwer documents the tragic history of this infamous site. He sought out some of the few survivors of the camp…

444 Days to Freedom: The Inside Story

By Canamedia Ltd. - 1989

This documentary, winner of three Canadian Gemini Awards and narrated by William Shatner, offers an in-depth portrait of the events encompassed by…

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Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

By Discovery Education - 1989

Alexander knew the minute he woke up with gum in his hair that it was going to be a very bad day. And it was. An amusing series of mishaps befall…

The Acceptance of Pain

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier discusses how the fear of pain often separates us from one another, from God, and from ourselves.

The Age of Discouragement

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier challenges us to encounter the pain and anguish in our lives. To deny pain is to runaway from reality and live in an age of…

The Cry of the Poor

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier discusses how the poor, the sick and the lonely and crying out to us and how service to the poor can reconcile us with our own poverty…

The Flight from Pain

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier discusses how our fear of pain often leads us to seek refuge in the false images of drugs, mass media, and addiction.

The Mystery of Being and Growth

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier explains how the wounded child becomes the wounded adult who believes he can't be loved for himself but only for what he can achieve.

The Mystery of Community

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier presents the challenges that confront the individual who chooses to live in true community.

The Nature of Prejudice and the Vision of God

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier defines prejudice as the justification of our guilt and explains how prejudice is a barrier to God's vision of communion.

The Need for Self-Acceptance

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier discusses why we can not truly love ourselves, or love others, without complete self acceptance.

The Promise of God

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier explains that until we recognize the accept our own fear, guilt, and brokenness are we able to establish truly loving relationships.

The Truth of Existence

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier addresses the question of truth and reality in our own lives and how getting in touch with the truth of our existence means reconciling…

The Vulnerability of the Young

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier explains that vulnerability is youth's greatest gift. Yet, he also warns that without guidance, vulnerability can become youth's greatest…


By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier explains how the wounded are waiting to be liberated and why humanity is learning to wait.

Why We See God as a Negative Force

By Norflicks Productions Ltd. - 1988

Jean Vanier examines how painful experiences almost always contain moments of transformation when a truly loving and compassionate God is revealed to…

Western Samoa

By Classroom Video - 1987

Topics include subsistence economy: the producers of good are also the consumers. No surplus for marketing. Villages are self sufficient. Main unit…

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David Macaulay: Castle

By PBS Distribution - 1986

CASTLE combines colorful animation with live-action documentary sequences to tell the story of a 13th-century Welsh castle. Author David Macaulay…

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David Macaulay: Cathedral

By PBS Distribution - 1986

Author David Macaulay hosts CATHEDRAL, based on his award-winning book. Using a combination of spectacular location sequences and cinema-quality…

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A Kid's Guide to Drug, Alcohol, & Smoking Awareness

By Discovery Education - 1984

Introduce young students to the dangers of substance abuse and arm them with the knowledge needed to avoid the trap of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco…

Escape from Iran: The Canadian Caper

By Canamedia Ltd. - 1981

Starring Gordon Pinsent, R.H. Thompson & Jonathan Welsh. The dramatic and exciting movie re-creation of the take-over of the US Embassy in Teheran by…

Escape from Iran: The Inside Story

By Canamedia Ltd. - 1981

Documentary featuring the six hostages who escaped from US embassy compound in Iran in 1979 at the start of the 444 day hostage crisis and were…

Sex Addiction

By SDMC Productions Limited - 2013

Since the Tiger Woods scandal in 2010, sex addiction has been blasted into the public eye by the media with an ever-growing supply of films and TV…


By JobsPeopleDo - 2018

At we understand the issues students face when choosing their careers and post secondary education. We offer over 800 job videos…