Excellence, Respect, and Tolerance

This item is included in the following series/curriculum: Human Nature  

  • Grade Level: Primary (1-3)-Upper Elementary (4-6)
  • Subjects: Social Studies, Guidance, Communities and Families
  • Produced By: Sabbatical Entertainment
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 25m
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In this episode of Human Nature, Faraz the Falcon speaks to us of excellence with a history in where it was the promoter so that Nabila, a girl with much potential and the dream of being a professional swimmer, made an effort and took his aspiration to the excellence.

Then our friend Tetsuo the Turtle will come to reinforce the value of respect, not only for us and for people, but for the rules and everything around us. In this way we will have the power to ask others for respect for ourselves.

And finally, Soni the Seal will be in charge of instilling tolerance in us. We do not always think and act the same as the people around us because they are different, that is why tolerance is our ally, because it allows us to understand that these differences give people their individuality, what we must accept and respect.

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