Film History

This item is included in the following series/curriculum: Kids' Planet  

  • Grade Level: Preschool-Upper Elementary (4-6)
  • Subjects: Social Studies, Guidance, Communities and Families
  • Produced By: Sabbatical Entertainment
  • Year: 2017
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English
  • Running Time: 25m
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  • History
  • The Kinetoscope and the Cinematographer
  • Silent Cinema
  • The first famous and creative actors
  • Arrival of sound
  • Color cinema
  • 2D and 3D animation.

We say goodbye to the second season of Kids' Planet with the Seventh Art, "The Cinema." We will know its history, from the kinetoscope of Thomas Alva Edison, to the invention of the cinematographer of the Lumière brothers. By then the cinema was silent. So to give emotional climate to the movies, an organ was used.

We will know who were the first famous actors of the moment and the genres they played, such as physical comedy. Among them Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Mary Pickford and one of the pioneers as a woman in acting and directing films, Alice Guy Blache. Also the renowned Walt Disney, who although was not an actor, was the creator of incredible and famous cartoons, leaving a legacy to the present, especially for children. We will talk about the sound arrival with the vitaphone, which made it possible to record the voices of the actors on a disc and be reproduced at the same time as the image was. Then we will go from black and white to color with a chemical process called Technicolor. And we will reach the point where musical films began to be made. Later the computer graphics created the animation in both 2D and 3D.

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