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Foldscope 100 Classroom Kit with Deluxe Teacher Kit

This item is included in the following series/curriculum: Foldscope Microscope Kits  

  • Grade Level: Primary (1-3)-General
  • Subjects: Life Science
  • Produced By: Foldscope
  • Year: 2018
  • Country: United States
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Foldscope Large Classroom Kit with 100 individual Foldscopes and 2 DeluxeTeacher Kits

The Large Classroom Kit (LCK) gives you the scale and flexibility to work with groups in a number of different ways. The kit contains 100 sets of the essentials (Foldscope sheets and lenses, cell phone couplers, instruction sheets, carrying pouch, paper and tape slides), and 5 sets accessories (see list below). This balance keeps the kit more affordable while allowing students to work in groups to take advantage of shared accessories that will greatly increase their capabilities for performing more careful and advanced experiments.

Large Classroom Kit contents:

100 Foldscopes (140x lens)
100 Cell phone couplers
100 Paper/tape slides
100 Instruction sheets
100 Nylon carrying pouches
4 Pipettes
2 Strainers (0.3 mm, 1.5mm)
2 Scissors
2 12-well plate/petri dish combo
2 Reusable PVC slides and coverslips
2 Calibration/measurement grids
2 Nylon filter sheets (5, 25, 100 micron spacings)
2 Ziploc bags
2 Tweezers
2 Field guides
2 LED/Magnifiers
2 Slide box with pre-made glass slides and blank glass slides
2 Rolls of tape


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