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JobsPeopleDo - March Job of the Month

Posted on March 6th 2019

JobsPeopleDo Job of the Month: Dietitian

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Working as a Dietitian you would:

  • Aid in the prevention and/or treatment of inadequate nutrition
  • Confer with other health professionals, community groups, government and the media to provide consultation and advice in areas of nutrition interpretation, intervention and policy
  • Develop, administer and supervise nutrition and food preparation and service programs in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, company cafeterias or similar settings
  • Dietitians and nutritionists may specialize in such areas as administrative dietetics, clinical dietetics, community dietetics, public health dietetics or research dietetics.
  • Evaluate nutritional status of individuals and provide nutrition counselling and consulting to health professionals, dietetic interns, community groups, government, media and individuals
  • Plan, evaluate and conduct nutrition education programs and develop educational materials for various audiences
  • Practice on an individual basis or as a member of an interdisciplinary team to determine nutritional needs of patients and to plan normal and therapeutic menus
  • Study and analyze current scientific nutritional studies and conduct research to improve the nutritional value, taste, appearance and preparation of food.
  • Supervise training of dietetic interns.
  • Work within industry in the development, testing and evaluation, and marketing of food and nutrition products or as a company representative supplying product related information to health professionals

What you need:

  • Dietitians require a master's or bachelor's degree in dietetics, nutrition or a related field such as food and nutritional science or biochemistry and Approximately 40 weeks of supervised practicum training.
  • Membership in the national association, Dietitians of Canada, may be required for dietitians to practise.
  • Membership with the national association, Dietitians of Canada, and/or a provincial regulatory body is available for nutritionists who have the same education and practicum training as dietitians.
  • Nutritionists usually require the same education and training as dietitians.
  • Registration with a regulatory body is required for nutritionists in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec and (as a registered dietician-nutritionist) in New Brunswick.
  • Registration with a regulatory body is required in all provinces for dietitians.

Useful High School subjects:

  • Computer-related Courses
  • English
  • Health
  • Math
  • Sciences

Useful Skills:

  • Business and Financial Management
  • Committee work
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Multidisciplinary teamwork

Recommended Post Secondary Courses:

  • Pharmacy
  • Food and Household Sciences (Dietetics)
  • Health

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