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Cozmo - The Block Coding AI Robot with Personality

Posted on June 11th 2019

Little bot with super-powered smarts.

  • Cozmo's big brain & bigger personality are controlled by sophisticated robotic and AI systems including facial recognition through Cozmo's free app (IOS/Android)
  • Free available lesson plans allow teachers to easily integrate into the classroom
  • Pre-loaded with activities to keep younger grades (GR 3+) keen and engaged
  • Code Lab allows simple drag and drop coding blocks for students to learn coding
  • Use the powerful Cozmo Software Development Kit (SDK) to tap into Cozmo's advanced robotics hardware and software to make Cozmo part of any high schools' programming classes
  • Suitable for grades 3-12

Coding brought to life.

Everything Cozmo is capable of doing has been condensed into drag and drop blocks you can string together. By simplifying programming into a more accessible format, anyone can code.

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